TIEXO makes it easy and simple to check the rarity score of 280,681 NFTs on Solana. And it’s free!

Cryptonauts Academy

The mutated Cryptonauts Academy Cadets have been scattered across the universe

Pixie Witch

Pixie Witches are good luck charms, spreading their magic on Solana ecosystem


The villagers from the whole country have gathered in Neftiville for the party.

Quantum Traders

8,888 Quantum Traders summoned by the OG @SolSteiNFT to stabilize our trading economy with @YawwwNFT

Gooney Toons

In an underground lab located in the frigid tundra of Alaska, an unnamed and highly intoxicated scientist is on a quest to genetically engineer the Gooney Toons.

Shadowy Super Coder

GenesysGo NFTs, join the Shadowy Super Coder DAO


Tekika is your access onto our metaverse - an open world environment with the sole goal of revitalizing your creativity.

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club Is A Generative Art NFT Series Composed Of 9,999 Hand-Drawn Combinations Of Meerkats With Over 175 Different Traits. MMCC Is The First NFT Project To Ever Commit To Giving 100% Of The Rewards Generated From Secondary Market Sales Back To The Community!


10,000 uniquely generated Grim Reapers existing eternally in the underworld of Solana

Rude Golems

8,888 Rude Golems are here to protect their planet and most importantly YOU. Don't be intimidated tho, they are pretty nice when you get to know them

DEA Dogs

3333 DEA Dogs combatting Rezion City's cartel activity. Deflationary, Immersive Lore, Metaverse, Zion Ecosystem.


SolDads collection contains 5750 unique NFTs. It is 1st of 3 SolFamily collections. The second collection will be SolMoms and third one will be SolKids (will be fully free). SolKid will be result of 'love' of SolDad and SolMom. Holders of all 3 NFTs will become members of FamilyDAO.


5,750 bloody cool SolMoms


SolChicks is the leading NFT-powered fantasy playing game built on the Solana blockchain.

Degen Ape Gambling Club

Degen Ape Gambling Club is a project providing unique experiences to holders and degenerates by creating a casino.

Dope Apes

3,333 Dope Apes NFTs will be on Solana blockchain soon

DazedDucks Metagalactic Club

DazedDucks Metagalactic Club is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFTs granting exclusive access to a HODL-To-Earn DAO.

Malibu Dolphin Mixer

The Malibu Dolphins are here to make waves in the Solana ecosystem.


3,333 fuzzy and ferocious Squatchies roaming the fabled Solana plains. FUM FUM! Join the FUM & Games to win some rewards!

Teddy Bears Club

888 uniquely generated Teddy Bears existing in the underworld of the #Solana Blockchain and here to stay. Teddy Bears Club is a project that focuses on community and will be very interesting for the club members.

Soul Dogs

A retro-inspired 3D Metaverse where Soul Dogs live in digital Dog Houses and generate income by earning $BONES

Shredded Apes: Gym Club

Shredded Apes Have Successfully Fled To The Solana Blockchain! Strongest APES In The Metaverse.

Panda Patrol

Welcome to Panda Patrol. We are a Solana based NFT collection offering a community DAO funded by 25% of all minting revenue, 50% of all royalties, and donations to conservancies for every single NFT minted.

The Geisha Clan

The Geisha Clan is a 2,222 collection of hand-drawn characters and unique traits, generatively assembled by the Clan.

Danger Valley Ducks

7,777 uniquely generated Danger Valley Ducks on the Solana blockchain. They are a part of the Danger Valley gaming platform.

888 Anon Club™

888 Unique 2D Pixelated Anon's which double as your membership into The 888 Anon Club™

The Wolves Club

A collection of 1111 uniquely generated, crazy and collectible wolves.

Bunny Warriors

6,666 bunnies on the SOL blockchain to take revenge and rise to the challenge of fate.

Infinity Labs

A collection of 8888 scenes from every corner of the Solverse. 8 different timelines. Collect and merge together timelines to forge new and rarer realities.

Space Runners

Space Runners is the first NFT Metaverse Fashion brand in collaboration with artists and brands, designing digitally wearable NFTs through Augmented Reality (AR) and plug-in's into the Metaverse as items.

Mystery Loops Club

The time has come to join the club. Mystery Loops is a collection of 2,650 NFTs with exclusive rewards for holder

Ehecatl Dragons

Ethecatl Dragons is a collection of 1111 NFTs with breeding, weekly airdrops and much more.

Lifinity Flares

Animated NFTs・NFT x DeFi・Revenue generating protocol

Drakos Unchained

5555 Drakos being the most handsome and powerful species of the Drakoverse.

Piggy Sol Gang

10,000 cute & cruel piggies living on the Solana lands

Cops Game

Cops Game is a collection of citizens from Metropolis who take part in an on-chain staking game on the Solana blockchain

Cat Cartel

3 cartels, 1 city, and an overarching power struggle over the notorious Zion drug trade.

Galactic Gecko

Galactic Gecko is an NFT Social Adventure Club featuring 10,000 warriors

Stoned Ape Crew

4200 Stoned Apes Form The Genesis Collection In The Crew With 4 Roles


Turtles are each one-of-a-kind, algorithmically generated, strong and collectible

Bōryoku Dragonz

Dragonz are practically the last survivors and unfortunate inheritors of humanity's downfall.

Catalina Whale Mixer

The most exclusive gathering of Whales in the Western Hemisphere since 1997

Stylish Studs

Stylish Studs are a collection of 10,000 unique NFT's racing around the blockchain

Grim Syndicate

Banised for delving into the world of Old Magick, Lordrym has returned

Baby Ape Social Club

Inspired by Bored Apes, we are here to bring the Baby Ape Social Club to Solana

Psycho Pigeons

Psycho Pigeons will provide value to the members of our holders through community wallet and access to our vision of the Metaverse. An open, play to earn world flying over the Solana blockchain.

The Ape Fam Passes

5,000 Passes for early supporters


5555 unique dogs preparing for PVP tank battles