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Bizarro Boy

Bizarro Boy runs the streets of the Metaverse


Synthia is a hacker, artist, and vigilante bringing down the legal system.


Our IsoBots make life easier in the Metaverse..and much more deadly

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Cryptonauts Academy

The mutated Cryptonauts Academy Cadets have been scattered across the universe

Cryptonauts Badge

The Cryptonauts Badge gives holders discounts on the TIEXO NFT Marketplace

Pixie Witch

Pixie Witches are good luck charms, spreading their magic on Solana ecosystem

Pixie Witch Badge

The Pixie Withces Badge gives holders discounts on the TIEXO NFT Marketplace

Quantum Traders

8,888 Quantum Traders summoned by the OG @SolSteiNFT to stabilize our trading economy with @YawwwNFT


10,000 uniquely generated Grim Reapers existing eternally in the underworld of Solana


Tekika is your access onto our metaverse - an open world environment with the sole goal of revitalizing your creativity.


SolDads collection contains 5750 unique NFTs. It is 1st of 3 SolFamily collections. The second collection will be SolMoms and third one will be SolKids (will be fully free). SolKid will be result of 'love' of SolDad and SolMom. Holders of all 3 NFTs will become members of FamilyDAO.


5,750 bloody cool SolMoms

Malibu Dolphin Mixer

The Malibu Dolphins are here to make waves in the Solana ecosystem.

The Wolves Club

A collection of 1111 uniquely generated, crazy and collectible wolves.

Infinity Labs

A collection of 8888 scenes from every corner of the Solverse. 8 different timelines. Collect and merge together timelines to forge new and rarer realities.

Ehecatl Dragons

Ethecatl Dragons is a collection of 1111 NFTs with breeding, weekly airdrops and much more.

Drakos Unchained

5555 Drakos being the most handsome and powerful species of the Drakoverse.

Grim Syndicate

Banised for delving into the world of Old Magick, Lordrym has returned

Psycho Pigeons

Psycho Pigeons will provide value to the members of our holders through community wallet and access to our vision of the Metaverse. An open, play to earn world flying over the Solana blockchain.